Anticorruption Lab

 2021-04-13 16:01:36   |     Просмотров: 1312

The goal from the project is to establish expert laboratories and conduct research on corruption risks in education throughout the country, and to involve the public in school research to identify vulnerable links. The first phase of the study, including a questionnaire, will focus on identifying the corruption chain at the process of applying to primary school.


Realisation period:

December 2020 – November 2021


Targeted group:

First-graders’ parents and teachers at primary schools in 114 schools throughout 14 regions of Uzbekistan.


Final beneficiaries:

Parents of students/pupils, schools, Ministry of Public Education, Anti-Corruption Agency, Nationwide movement "Yuksalish"


Anticipated project results:

  • Establishment of an anti-corruption research mechanism;
  • Conducting research, analysis and recommendations for the prevention and eradication of corruption;
  • Preparation of a comprehensive review of corruption risks in general secondary education with recommendations on changing legislation, preventing and eradicating corruption risks;
  • Involving the public and volunteers in monitoring corruption risks;
  • Ensuring the continued operation of laboratories as a platform for similar research in other areas.


What has been accomplished:

  • 114 schools from all regions of the country were selected for research.
  • 2 questionnaires for parents and teachers have been developed.
  • A preliminary situational analysis has been prepared.


Project partners:

The Anti-Corruption Agency and the international non-governmental organization “Региональный диалог” (Regional Dialogue).