First In History, the UN Climate Change Conference Will Host a Central Asian Pavilion

 2021-10-08 18:46:49   |     Просмотров: 150

On October 8, Chairman of the Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish" Bobur Bekmurodov met with British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Tim Torlot and (COP26) Regional Ambassador in the Region of Europe, Central Asia, Turkey and Iran David Moran.

The parties discussed aspects of public and civil society engagement in addressing climate change issues, and mitigating their consequences. It was noted that UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow this November. More than 30,000 delegates are expected to participate, including heads of state, climate experts and campaigners, to agree on coordinated action to tackle climate change. For the first time, the pavilion of Central Asia will appear at the world summit.

“The effectiveness of joint actions in tackle climate change largely depends on the initiative of civil society”, said the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Tim Torlot. “The economic development program, which we are working with the government of Uzbekistan on, is only one facet of our cooperation. Much attention is paid to promoting and using the capacities of civil society for maintaining the dialogue with the government, assessing and strengthening our efforts in key areas of economic reforms.”

As noted by the Regional Ambassador of the Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) David Moran, among the key tasks is to demonstrate the role and position of civil society at the conference in Glasgow, in which he counts upon the support of the Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish".

“The Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish" aims to expand civic engagement and activity in promoting reforms, including in tackling and adaptation to climate change,” said Bobur Bekmurodov, Chairman of the Nationwide Movement "Yuksalish. “In this regard, we see it reasonable to develop and adopt the “Green Uzbekistan” Strategy, covering a set of policies and legislative measures, training and capacity building of specialized civil society organizations that promote best practices and initiatives in this area, as well as advocacy and campaigning climate change issues among the population.

Press Service of the Nationwide Movement “Yuksalish”