Good Deed Marathon to Help Children Diagnosed with Cancer

 2021-06-28 20:35:00   |     Просмотров: 169

The Ezgu Amal (Good Deed) charity marathon, organized to support children diagnosed with cancer, wins the Tahsin (Admiration) Award. Since 2019, this award has been encouraging socially active, creative and enterprising citizens, including young people who contribute to the development of Uzbekistan.

The Ezgu Amal charity marathon was initiated by Yuksalish Nationwide Movement in conjunction with the Ezgu Amal Public Charity Foundation to provide targeted financial and social assistance to children with cancer at different stages of treatment, to attract public attention to issues of early diagnosis and timely treatment of cancer, especially among children.

This important mission was joined by representatives of government authorities, nongovernmental structures, business and thousands of caring citizens.

229,685,164 soums were received from well-wishers within the framework of the charity marathon, including through the Payme, Paynet, Click, Apelsin payment systems - 127,082,392 soums (of which 60,300,000 thousand soums from the Bumerang Dobra (Boomerang of Goodness) initiative group, through Internet acquiring on the website ezguamal.org - 35,602 772 soums. Legal entities donated 67,000,000 soums.

The charity marathon, which took place May 11 - June 9, included a series of multi-format events - online broadcasts, press conferences, briefings, round table discussions, meetings with specialists, representatives of culture and business, master classes, interviews and presentations, which aimed at informing and raising awareness of the population about the need for early diagnosis of cancer, involving the public in solving the problems of the oncological service in the country. A charity concert crowned the marathon, which gave the children the opportunity to fulfill their dream - to perform on stage next to their favorite pop stars.

In general, the funds collected within the framework of the marathon made it possible to pay for medical services, treatment and purchase medicines for 17 children. They were given a chance to recover.

The online marathon has ended, but the need for help in children with cancer remains. Citizens can take part in charity after the marathon. A special system for accepting payments has been introduced on the website of the Ezgu Amal Charity Foundation www.ezguamal.org, which allows online tracking of both donations and their use.


Challenge in social networks

A challenge was initiated in social networks within the framework of the Ezgu Amal marathon, to which many media personalities and public figures, business representatives responded. During the month, it turned possible to mobilize the efforts of partner organizations, businesses, and the public to provide targeted assistance to children at different stages of treatment.
For example, the Eriell Group Company transferred 50 million soums to a special account of the Foundation as part of the online marathon. These funds were used to purchase medicines and pay for medical services for 5 children, as well as design a children’s room in the Oncohematology Department of the National Children’s Medical Center.

‘Boomerang of Goodness’

This is the name of the initiative group, which responded to the call and from the first days supported the Ezgu Amal charity marathon.
The initiative group helped raise 60 million 300 thousand soums for the treatment of eight-year-old Salih Jayaveer from Samarakand Region (in total, more than 225 million soums is necessary for his treatment).

The Bumerang Dobra initiative group was created by volunteers of Uzbekistan in February 2019. Through the Telegram group https://t.me/Bumerang_Dobra_uz,  activists (23 people from different regions of Uzbekistan and Russia) are organizing fundraising for the treatment of seriously ill patients and people in difficult situations.

The group was originally created to help one young man. But the volunteers decided to move forward. There were many others after that young man. Those in need of medical treatment write to the group admins asking for help providing all the documents. The information is carefully checked, and only then the start of fundraising is announced.

In 2019-2020, volunteers from Bumerang Dobra initiative group collected more than two billion soums for charity. They provide not only financial support, but also visit patients at home and in hospitals, accompany in other countries, help people with especially difficult home conditions physically and financially.

Recently, Bumerang Dobra initiative group became a finalist of the competition of initiative groups within the framework of the Besh Tashabbus Harakati (Five Initiatives Movement) Festival.
Two more volunteer groups - Umidni Uzma (Don’t Lose Hope) and Najot Qo’llari (Helping Hands) groups joined in fundraising within the framework of the Ezgu Amal charity marathon.

Charity Match

A charity football match was held on June 15 to raise funds for the Ezgu Amal Charity Foundation. It was organized jointly with the Silverleafe Agricultural Cluster and a number of partner companies.

More than 130 million soums were raised as part of the charity match, including 103,915,000 soums from legal entities and individuals, 19,200,000 soums through the acquiring system for the purchase of invitation tickets.

The funds raised for invitations to the event, as well as sponsorship from companies were used to treat children with cancer, including the purchase of consumables for patients with hematological and oncological diseases.

We thank everyone for their mercy and kindness, participation in the Ezgu Amal online charity marathon, support for children and families who are steadfastly fighting for life, health and happy childhood. Good returns a hundredfold!

Press Office, Yuksalish Nationwide Movement