Uzbekistan Joins the «Child and Youth Friendly City» Global Initiative

 2021-06-30 17:23:47   |     Просмотров: 862

Young people make up 55 percent of the population of Uzbekistan, they are the country's largest resource and potential. In 20 years, today's children and youth will constitute the largest workforce in the history of Uzbekistan. With timely investments in the development of human potential (education, skills, health) of the current young generation, it is these children and young people who will be able to bring Uzbekistan to a new stage of socio-economic development.

The leadership of Uzbekistan invariably provides support to youth and contributes to the improvement of policy and work with youth, as one of the key priorities of the state. Huge resources are allocated to provide young people with housing, education, employment and social support. The head of state emphasizes the need for constant dialogue with young people. Such platforms as «Khokim and Youth» and a Youth Parliament have been created. The heads of ministries, the Agency for Youth Affairs and the President himself regularly meet with young people.

As a follow-up of this work and as a proposal for a systematic approach to working with youth, the Nationwide Movement «Yuksalish» in partnership with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) intend to implement the «Child and Youth Friendly City» global initiative in Uzbekistan. This was announced at a briefing on June 30 in Tashkent.

Its main message is that every child and young person has the right to grow and develop in a safe environment, where they can access basic social services, where their voices will be heard and their views are taken into account.

The initiative is aimed at realizing children's rights in the local government system, as well as promoting the formation of a community where the voices, needs, priorities and rights of children are an integral part of government policies, programs and decisions.

The goal is to provide a systematic approach to the participation of children and youth in decision-making, development and implementation of actions on issues directly related to the well-being of young people in the field.

In Uzbekistan «The Child and Youth Friendly City» initiative will be piloted in five cities from different regions of the country. Partner organizations will provide methodological, technical and financial support. First of all, the conditions created for children and youth on the ground will be analyzed, and programs for their improvement will be developed together with the city khokims.

The initiative covers the following areas:

- improvement of the youth employment system;

- expanding opportunities for additional education;

- development of youth culture;

- creation of a safe and prosperous environment;

- promoting healthy lifestyles.

For reference: The «Child and Youth Friendly City» Global Initiative has been promoted by UNICEF since 1996 as part of the practical implementation of the resolution adopted at the second UN Conference on Human Settlements. Today the initiative reaches over 3,000 cities and over 30 million children.

Press Office, Yuksalish Nationwide Movement