Online-Dialogue: youth engagement in decision-making process.

 2020-06-30 13:01:27   |     Просмотров: 223

The online-dialogue “Youth engagement in decision-making and the process of reforms being implemented” was organized on the eve of Youth Day.  The members of parliament, the heads of U.N. agencies, executives of state and civil society organizations, young people from all regions of Uzbekistan participated in the event. 
Participants discussed a number of relevant aspects of interaction between state and youth. In particular, the outcome of the dialogue between state bodies and youth of Uzbekistan through the platform U-Report and the practical measures that were taken by the government officials based on the youth opinion were discussed. The role of U-report in greater communication between government authorities and citizens to jointly address the challenges facing young people was mentioned as well. 
The event emphasized the importance of youth participation in decision making concerning the reforms currently being implemented. The representatives of the senate of the Oliy Majlis, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of innovative Development, Centre “Oila”, the Nationwide movement “Yuksalish” and other state and public organizations spoke about the work that was done on the basis of the dialogue with youth, actions considering the ideas and proposals of young people obtained trough the platform U-Report. 
Online-Dialogue was organized by Nationwide movement “Yuksalish”, Youth Union of Uzbekistan and country partners of U-Report project. 

For information: The Project U-Report was launched in October 2018. Today the platform units more than 81 thousand young people, which express their opinion on different spheres. The Project can be joined via Telegram bot @UReportUzbBot (if there is no Internet connection also by sending SMS-message START to short number 1122). 

Insights from the participants:

Tanzila NARBAEVA, Chairperson of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis: 
-  Singe indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of the work implemented with youth and national indicator assessing youth policy are being developed throughout the country. The Concept “Youth of Uzbekistan – 2025” is prepared which covers practical measures on formation of intellectually, spiritually and physically developed generation. Moreover, the youth issues are addressed in state programs that are annually carried out pursuant to Strategy of Actions. In accordance with the current State programme the Youth Parliament is to be established under the Senate for the first time. It would serve to enhance legal literacy of youth, as well as raise awareness about the legislative process and develop rhetorical skills. Young people will undertake the activities to introduce proposals addressing particular concerns of young people to government authorities and legislators. Active involvement of youth in decision making and realization of innovative ideas will be provided.   

Akmal BURKHANOV, Chairman of Nationwide movement “Yuksalish”: 
-  We work actively with UNICEF towards involvement of youth in the processes of reform and decision making. U-Repot for today is the only youth platform in Uzbekistan which enables operative monitoring of young people’s opinions at the national level. The results of surveys are used by nearly 20 state and public organizations. This year within that project representatives of the Nationwide movement “Yuksalish”, UNICEF and platform U-Report made visits to regions in order to directly meet young people and listen their opinion on spheres of state and public building, education, health, innovations and other. It is remarkable that results of each survey are complied, analyzed and introduced in parliament and government, so that the opinions and proposals of youth are taken into consideration when making decisions, implementing projects and legislative acts and programs.

Helena FRASER, Resident Coordinator of UN in Uzbekistan: 
—  Many thank to all partners, especially the Nationwide movement "Yuksalish", for supporting the U-Report project, which opens up new perspectives for young people. This commitment to inspiring young people and enabling them to be involved in important political processes is already recognized internationally. Consideration of the views of young people is one of the directives of the UN programs. Uzbekistan is becoming an example for many countries in various fields. For instance, the Youth Parliament will be an excellent opportunity to show the state’s efforts to provide a platform for the development of political skills among young people at the global level. Uzbekistan is the first country in Central Asia to join the U-Report platform, which considers the ideas and proposals of young people. More than 80 thousand of them have already been heard.
Sascha GRAUMANN, UNICEF Representative in Uzbekistan: 
-  Youth Day is an important day for us all. Young people were the first and most effective in adapting to the changing circumstances, transferring business and leisure to online platforms all over the world, including in Uzbekistan. Additionally, young people joined in the efforts to disseminate reliable information among peers, to demonstrate positive behavior and to support the most vulnerable population during the pandemic. Partnership with the youth and their active engagement in planning and realization of ongoing ambitious reforms not only equip young people with skills and a higher self-esteem, but also make the policy decisions and their implementation stronger and more tailored to the needs of young people. The digital youth engagement platform U-Report, launched by the Youth Union, Senate and Ministry of Public Education and UNICEF in Uzbekistan in 2018, is becoming an effective instrument for a dialogue between the Government and young people. UNICEF stands ready to continue to support the Government, the Youth Union and Yuksalish in the efforts to bring the voices of young people into the discussion and decision making, and to empower them to become active citizens, to build a better future for themselves, their communities and their country.